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PineyWoods Pediatrics wants you to have access to key, dynamic and useful information about your child’s health and wellness. This collection of useful links will help you navigate the wealth of medical information online.

Moriah Riggins
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner
Certified Lactation Consultant

As a Certified Lactation Consultant, Mrs. Riggins specializes in the clinical management of breastfeeding and partners with other prenatal and postpartum healthcare professionals to:

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Benefits for Baby
Lower Risk of:
- Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
- Asthma
- Gastrointestinal Infections
- Lower Respiratory Tract Diseases
- Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes
- Ear Infections
- Diarrheal Illness
- Respiratory Infections

Breastfeeding is good for mother and child, and can be a joyful bonding experience. By breastfeeding, the mother provides vital nutrients & antibodies to her baby, and breast milk is easier for babies to digest than formula. 

Mother Breastfeeding Baby
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Benefits for Mom
Lower Risk of:
- Type 2 Diabetes
- Breast Cancer
- Ovarian Cancer
- Postpartum Depression

Breastfeeding also provides many benefits to mothers. 

Breastfeeding can also make life easier for new mothers. 

Breastfeeding means:

- No Need to buy formula & supplies

- No measuring & mixing formula

- No sterilizing bottles & Nipples

- Providing ideal nutrition for your new infant

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